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Welcome to our Bayview Public School Website
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Welcome to the home of the “BAYVIEW BULLDOGS”
Bayview school is a place where many factors come into play on a daily basis allowing our students continuous opportunities for growth and learning.  Bayview is a place of opportunity, providing many curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and experiences for all our students.
At the home of the Bayview Bulldogs “Respect”, “Responsibility” and “Relationships” are at the core of our beliefs and guide us as we challenge ourselves each and every day to be the best you can be at Bayview Public School.

Shannon Logie

School Climate Survey
Boards across Ontario are required to conduct an anomymous school climate surveys of their students(grades 4-12), parents, and school staff at least once eveyr 2 years. A safe , inclusive and accepting school environment is esential for student success and well being. The data collected from these surveys help to inform school and board planning aimed at preventing bullying and harassment. Students and staff will be completing the survey electronically between April 20th and May 25th, 2015. Student participation is not manditory, and if you do not wish your child to participate, please notify the school in writing.
We are asking you to complete a survey as well. The parent survey is available to online between April 20th and May 25th, 2015 and can be accessed through the following link.
The required access code for Bayview Public School is
Alternatively, you can request a paper copy of the survey. It is important that we hear feedback from as many parents as possible. Thank you for taking the time to provide this important feedback.

Wanted: Your Feedback!
Bluewater District School Board is inviting members of the public to participate in a survey as it reviews its Multi-Year Strategic Plan.  The survey, which includes a brief introduction video, is available until April 24, 2015 at the link provided
below.  There are 10 survey questions to help determine whether or not the Multi-Year Strategic Plan continues to meet the needs of Bluewater District School Board in supporting student success and well-being.

Participate in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan survey at the following link on the Bluewater District School Board website:  [ ]

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